How to connect two shapes that will be completely cut out. Michigan

I’m trying to cut a Michigan catch tray. What I’d like to do is put a blog or “water” in between them to connect.

My idea is to have the two connect and leave a small pocket in between where epoxy will go. Any ideas on how to accomplish this in cc? I am going in circles here

Connect with the Mackinac Bridge, of course. Being from Michigan myself, I’d include at least portions of the surrounding lakes. One good way to do the water, assuming you’ve milled pockets, is to use powdered stone and CA glue. (The stone can also be mixed in epoxy but there may be some shrinkage over time.) It’s hard to provide further guidance without elaboration; is this circular, is there a rim, what material, etc.

Perhaps you could put the lake in as an inlay?

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