How to cut out text with a support

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Given a file where one has text, and a support which one would want to be in the background:

it is pretty straight-forward to create two separate pieces of geometry which will cut out the text, and the text with support.

First, we need to restore the original geometry for the support:

Check the size of the selection:

Then we create a duplicate of the text and send it to a hidden layer for later use:


Select the text and the support:

and use the Trim Vectors command to remove the text which crosses the support:


Delete the original support rectangle:

Select all the open (magenta) geometry and Join Vectors:

arriving at:


Use the Layers palette to show the text:

With two sets of geometry:

  • letters
  • text

one can assign separate toolpaths so as to achieve the desired effect of the text above the support.

For best detail, this should be cut with a V carving — in order to do this we will need offset geometry which defines the width which the V endmill will need to cut in order to cut as deeply as desired. Draw up the tool which will be used in profile:

and draw in the desired depth:

Then measure the width:

and offset the outer geometry with the support to half that distance:

and then offset the tittles on the _i_s which were left out previously:

and union their offsets with the offset geometry:


Select the offset geometry and the original text:

and cut as an Advanced V carving:

which will preview as:

Then cut as a pocket down to the height which one wishes the letters to stand proud. Since the #102 endmill only has 0.5" of cutting flute length we will keep this w/in the capabilities of that tool. Sourcing a longer tool and adjusting the file to cut more deeply is left as an exercise for the reader.

Then select the offset geometry and the geometry with the support:

and cut as a pocket from the bottom of the previous pocket to the stock:

which previews as:


@WillAdams I dont post much but you sir are a great contribution to this forum which for me is just a hobby. Learned a ton from your posts. THANK YOU!


Use this same technique for stacked text!

That’s a good point, it’s much the same technique.

A further point, the tittles in the i s need to be connected using a support as well — that was left out of the original image.

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