How to draw a chalice from a line drawing

Working this up based on a tech support request.

One of the provided images is:

Start by launching Carbide Create and importing the image as a background for re-drawing:

Set Background:

Load Image (selecting the pixel image from above):

Adjust size:


Job Setup:

Adjust stock area:

begin drawing.

The image in question isn’t suited for Image Tracing or we would use:

(probably printing it out and going over it w/ a marker would clean it up sufficiently for that)

and we don’t want to trace along the centerline, since we need both the inside and the outside. The image looks to be symmetrical, so we should be able to draw just one side and then duplicate and mirror and join.

Zoom in on a region and choose the curve tool:

(the Polyline tool could be used instead)

Click or click-drag so as to create a curve which describes one half of this region:

and click Done:

and go into Node Edit mode:

and adjust things as desired — note that the right side seems to be a bit clearer, so if need be, flip and work against that side — one can right-click on nodes to get a couple of options, or alt-drag to asymmetrically place off-curve nodes:


repeat for each other area:

If you find you don’t have enough nodes, then you can right-click to insert one:

Lastly, draw the outer outline half:

it will be necessary to zoom in/out and pan around a bit (right-click drag) to get things lined up:

until one arrives at:

Dupe, mirror and then join everything together, adjusting node position as necessary:

Then select each half of an area/part:

and choose “Join Vectors”

so that it becomes black, which indicates the path is closed.

Repeat until one arrives at:

which may now have a V carving toolpath assigned.

which previews as: