How to make a box similar to this

curious how one would go about making a box with a lid like this. the idea is that the lid slides on tightly and creates an airtight seal so the top doesn’t come off unless you pull it.

Don’t need the fancy joint work, just regular 45 degree cuts, I am just curious how one might make a lidded box like this.

I guess it’s just a longer rabbet joint

I did a box w/ a rabbeted joint here:

Details on drawing it up and the CAM is at:

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thank you for sharing. I was thinking of something more along the lines of this. But minus the ginormous circle. So the lid would be able to slide on, but even if you flipped it upside down the suction of air from inside would not allow the top to slide off. If that makes sense?

Nice box Will,came out great

One of the users on here posted this box that looks very interesting:


The box which you show is done using two nested boxes glued together for the bottom half.

Tools for making such are here: — unfortunately most such designs are intended for lasercutting — you’ll need to adapt them for a round bit. Some techniques for that here: and

interesting, I have an idea about how I could achieve this without a laser cutter, but I am still baffled as to the zero’ing and tool changing process haha. I will have to flip some pieces over after they have been cut once, how can I ensure the CNC will be precise after a tool change and cut properly?

I guess trial and error would work lol

Do yo have a homing switch kit?

yes I do have the kit all installed

Ok, take out your note pad and pay attention. It is very easy, and very easy to screw up. You should be using the latest version of Carbide Motion, and have at least 2 programs (one for each tool) to machine the part using the same XY&Z0 position.

Step 1. Home the machine
Step 2. Clear the offsets. The machine coordinates should read XYZ = 5 mm
Step 3. Find the part that you want to machine XY and Z0.
Step 4. Click on Zero ALL.
Step 5. Run your first program with the first tool. Ready for a tool change? Read on:

Tool Change:

Step a) Stop the spindle, and Jog the machine X, Y and Z to a position that is comfortable to access the tool. (I like to click on the pre-set rapid position Front Center)

Step b) Change the tool.

Step c) Raise the Z almost to the top.

Step d) Click on Rapid X and Y position. (The machine will remember the XY and Z positions even if you turn off the machine, but since you have changed the tool, the Z0 needs to be reset.

Step e) Carefully lower the machine, so that that the Z is a sheet of paper off your part.

Step f) Click on Zero Z

Step g) Raise the Z and start your next program

Feel free to ask any questions. but read this first (Maybe 3 or 4 times)


Wiki link on this: to which I’ve added that link and @RichCournoyer excellent post.

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amazing, I would have never thought to have had two versions of motion running for a single part. Would have figured it would all run from one hah.