How to make a sphere with a hole through the middle in CC Pro

I am new to Shapeoko and Carbide Create Pro, and I want to make a sphere with 10mm diameter and a 2 mm hold through the centre.

do you mean a whole sphere, or half of one?
A whole one needs 2 sided work (since you can’t really cut the bottom half in one go)

You can grab an stl of a sphere from or and follow the tutorial at Cutting STL models with Carbide Create Pro (nearly-2021 edition) (with 50% depth offset) to easily create the half sphere.

the hole through the middle you can then do with a traditional normal toolpath in addition


If you just need a 10mm sphere with a 2mm hole I use these

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Thanks Kevin, I use them too, but I was hoping to let the Shapeoko to do all the hard work first then I will do the final polish after, haha… In fact I am actually interested to make some wooden billard balls, I would like to know how to use Carbide Create Pro can actually to create a perfect sphere, or I guest half doom, since I can only cut one side at a time.

Arjen, that great stuff, I will need to spend some time to play around with it, I am just new to this, hopefully, I will post up my success story in a few days.