How to make wheels

(From a tech support ticket at

Wheels can involve more than just cutting out circles w/ a hole for an axle.

Import that as a reference image:

Draw in the geometry for the wheel:

(if need be, adjust the positioning of the background pixel image)

Assign toolpaths:

First, cut the central rim for the wheel:

Then select the insets for the lug nuts and assign a pocket toolpath which starts at the bottom of the previous pocket:

Then select the circle for the hole for the axel and again, start at the bottom of the previous pocket:

Lastly, cut out the tire — it will be necessary to offset to the outside by the endmill diameter plus 10%:

Then cut as a pocket down to tab height:

(note that you may need a special long-reach endmill if your tires are esp. thick)

and of course assign Tabs in the Design pane:

Lastly, finish cutting out the tire w/ a Contour toolpath which starts at the bottom of the previous pocket and allows tabs:

Which all previews as:


@WillAdams Looks like you popped a wheelie.

What? No rounding of the edges? :smiley:

Wasn’t drawn in, and there’s no tool support for it in Carbide Create.

For folks who wish to do this, see:

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