How to setup my new wireless USB keypad to work with Carbide Motion

Please tell me how to setup my new USB wireless keypad to work with Carbide Motion on my Macbook Air.
I want to use it to control the positioning of the cutter/router via Carbide Motion.
Is it difficult to customize and setup short cut keys?

Thanks, G

Hi Gary,

The shortcut map for Carbide Motion is here:

So some of those shortcuts should work out of the box with that keypad, and I guess you can use the reprogrammability feature of those F13-F19 keys to map any missing one.


Thank you Julien, I’ll try it!
Just not sure about setting up the F buttons.

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The Mac users here should be able to tell you, but as far as I understand it requires some third party software to remap the F13 through F19 keys to do something specific. Google says (I was curious…) that apps like BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, and Alfred are a few examples.

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