I am wondering with carbide create in the Boolean tab

Good afternoon I am working on a bottle opener with a flag on it I am having trouble using the boolean feature. I have an offset for my design and select the inner circle and then the entire design and when I go to boolean to delete the vectors I don’t want it does not have the insertion tab. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Very new to the software side of carving so please be gentle.
Thank You

Please see:

If you’re still stuck, post the file, or send it in to support@carbide3d.com

If you are using V7 of CC there is a preview of the various boolean functions. Sometimes you have to use boolean a few objects at a time and repeat the boolean operation to get the final shape. The boolean will show a blue line of the preview and what you will get. So keep changing the key object and go down the line of the various boolean options to see if you get what you want. If you choose wrong just use Ctrl Z to reverse the operation.

The last object you select has a dotted line and that the the key object and boolean keys off that so when selecting multiple objects select your key object last.