I love magnets... Carbide 3D Touch probe enhancement - goodbye crocodile clip :(

Hi guys

Whilst testing carbide motion 4.10 last night my crocodile clip broke. Not loving it I decided to ‘improve it’ (I still think it’s the best thing since sliced bread but now it’s home grown).

Here is a video I made last night.

Happy to supply anyone with a magnetic connector that can be soldiered on to the wire, or provide a whole new wire if anyone wants one made up. Alternatively, I’d happily supply to carbide 3d if they saw it as a worthwhile medication to the new probe? @robgrz :wink:

Cheers, Luke


Now why the heck didn’t I think of using a magnet?! I’m here cursing the cheap gator clip… Now the question is… how exactly did you affix the wire to the magnet? Surely not solder? Hot glue and shrinktube?

Nice idea!!

Give some foot for thought!

Solder the magnet to a piece of ferrous metal, a washer maybe, then just stick the magnet to it?

I have a bunch of these from a project that fell through, a #4 screw can go through the middle, be epoxied on the other side, then the wire soldered to the screw.



Luke, such a clever guy. I shall “knock one up” today.

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well… not all of us are this ‘gifted’ :crazy_face:

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Instead of supplying a connector, can you describe how you connect the wire to the
Magnet? I am guessing that it is a moledbium (rare earth) magnet? Did you just
Solder the wire to the back of the magnet and then heat shrink tube the assembly?


Always happy to help. I got some 6mm bar, drilled out the centre, poped a wire in one side, a 5mm magnet in the other side then compressed the one end in a die press making a sheath - then soldiered the other wire onto the earth cable and heat shrank it

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I’m still standing behind my suggestion to solder it to a washer.


Solid option. A flat head screw would probably would a treat with a little epoxy

Small hex head bolt maybe. Solder the wire to the threads wrap the whole thing in shrinkwrap.

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Don’t rare earth magnets lose their magnetism when heated?

Yes but if you solder the wire to the washer or screw, that will then stick to one side of the magnet and the other can touch the bit.


I took the quick-and-dirty approach. Just clipped a magnet with the clip lead, then touch the magnet to the spindle…


2 options. Grab a button cell holder for electronics and use that to hold a disc magnet, or get a rare earth magnet with a hole in it already (they are made like that) and just run a screw and a ring connector to it.

(like so)

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I can tell you that

is extremely brittle and breakable from the “snap” of connecting to the router shaft.

Definitely get the ones with a “cup” around them.


You could is a small machine screw or solder to attach to the cup made to hold rare earth magnets like this. http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=58750&cat=1,42363,42348


I bought some of these, they work and already have a stud to put a wire on:



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Here is a DIY instruction just using a couple of magnets and sandwich the wire inside. Have not tried this yet. I like the stud magnet Dan posted though. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Magnetic-Connectors-2/

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