Magnetic Probe Assembly With Pictures

Hey All,

I was inspired by MrBeaver’s magnetic replacement of the alligator clip on the probe and decided to make my own version, details below if your interested.

Cross section of assembly - wire soldered to top magnet, super glue around edges of both magnets glued into PLA 3d printed(FDM) housing. Housing filled with epoxy from top for wire strain relief

Threaded wire through housing and soldered on magnet (magnet will partially de-mag from heat). I decided to solder to a magnet because it has a nickel plating that the solder will stick to well

I put super glue around the perimeter of the first magnet and housing, then pressed top magnet in, and put a bead of glue around the perimeter

I filled the backside of the assembly with 3 part epoxy to strain relieve the solder joint

The final product


Great effort, thats the same principle as mine - just slightly bigger

If you’re having issues with de-magnetization or tin not sticking to the magnet (depends on the coating), you can try soldering to an iron washer and sandwich that between the two magnets. Or go the no soldering route and stick a stripped wire in between, then tighten the whole thing with some glue.

These are my Touch Probe upgrades:

  1. I installed a plug to remove the 40 plus inches of wire and delicate probe from my machine when I don’t need it.

  2. Bent up a simple (tiny) 90º bracket with a magnet to help with the rapid attach/detach process. (simple but effictive)


Beginner Question - How do you get the magnet to stay on the L bracket rather than the router when you pull it away? As you can see, I tried to copy your setup with a small neodymium magnet I had lying around, but when I pull on the clip, the magnet stays on the collet nut. (I tried putting the magnet on the inside of the L, which solves that problem but then the connection is not strong enough to reliably hold the bracket onto the router. Hot glue maybe?) Thanks.

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TIG welded it to the bracket…

I’M KIDDING. Super glue. A little dab

PS It’s been on there for 6 months now.

EDIT: The Magnet might be too large (meaning the pull vs the glue strength might be too close to even…)




I’m going to order some smaller magnets. I see you and others using ones that look almost like washers.

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I think the one I am using came from Harbor Freight.

FYI the little angle part is from a Romex connector…