I may hold the record for slowest build time

I recently purchased a Shapeoko 3 and was possessed with the ill-fraught idea to make a stop motion video of the assembly process. Alas. Here’s the video. Enjoy!


I absolutely did! Thank you.

Also, since this was your first post, the expectation will be that we will see these regularly.


Very entertaining. You have talents that we can’t wait for the next. Congratulations!

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Awesome! :+1:
So how long did it take?

I hope you do this for a living…if you don’t, you should! Fantastic! Oh…and if Carbide doesn’t buy that from you — well…

How long did it take?

@Julien : Challenge #18?

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It probably took about 5 hours of photographing it. Then I had to photoshop some of the files where I used wooden blocks to prop up a floating piece. That took a few more hours.


That was incredible, and so entertaining to watch! Almost makes me forget the actual experience. To anyone who has put one of these together… we know how long it took and what was involved, never mind posing and snapping every single frame. Really well done, and thank you for sharing.

You’ve raised the bar, my friend. :+1::+1:


Ha! No, just an amateur. This was my first attempt at stop motion.

Well…you have a talent - it’s good to fall back on :slight_smile:

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That was amazing to watch. Well done! So now you only have the XL, XXL, the pros and the nomad left to do…

Excellent video, had me smiling all through it.

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That will financially ruin me! But I like the idea.

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Also nice to see how easy Carbide 3D has made it now. It used to come with no pre-assembly, some mostly complete assembly instructions, and the random #10-32 screws.

No alas required. That was really delightful to watch. It represents a lot of effort in filming and assembly. Being a Brit, I felt you had missed something important from the video presentation.

It really needed Wallace & Gromit, talking in a Yorkshire accent, sitting down with a nice cup of tea at the end and Wallace saying to Gromit; “We did it lad!” :grin:


Hey c3d, trade some equipment for this man’s talent…


That is outstanding,very good tutorial

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@exmateria Brandon: I have a BIG complaint.

I went out and bought myself a Shapeoko and set it up on the table, just like your video said…

And IT JUST SAT THERE! I even opened the router box myself, but the router just remained in the box. No dancing hex wrenches, nothing.

Do you think my machine is defective?


Check the pulley set screws.


The trick is that you have to turn on the camera and walk away. It won’t assemble itself if someone’s watching it.