I need older 32 bit version of CC

I have a cheap Windows 10 tablet but it is not the 64bit version. I found a very old version of Carbide Create that works on this tablet but it is harder to use than the newer versions and is missing many features.

Version: 1.0 (x86/x64)

There was a link to version 474 here but that link no longer works.

Older versions post

I do have the newer version running on the house computer but wanted a version for use in the shop next to the CNC router. I mostly use Easel or Easel Pro but want to switch to Carbide Create because of the V-carving in the CC free version.

Does anyone have a link to an older version of CC that still works on a 32bit computer?

Let me know which version you want and I will put it on google drive and put a link here. I have too many versions to put them all up. I have to go to Nacgodoches today for some business but will put the version you want on google drive tonight.

The CarbideCreate-451 does not seem to work as an installer. ???

Thank you very much. CarbideCreate-474 I think is the newest version that still works with the 32bit Windows10.


Here is the CC-474 link to google drive.

I was getting ready to leave and saw the email from C3D forum.

Thank you again. I installed it and it looks like it should work. I didn’t try it fully yet but at least it installed and opened on the cheap Windows tablet with only a 32-bit processor. The newer versions definitely have more features but this old version should be useful for older/cheaper computers.

In case anyone else finds this post in the future, here’s another link to that file.

Carbide Create version 474

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