I would appreciate fresh eyes

This is just a tiny insignificant project but has been causing me a major pain in the posterior. It is just a small box for my DWP611 collet collection (Elaire and Shapeoko) and should be fairly straight forward BUT this is my Nth iteration because I have had nothing but trouble with the V-carving paths on the lid OR if those all work, with the V-carving paths for the labels under the collets. The Problem with the file posted is the “W” in “DeWalt” - it just wont accept a path.

To explain what I have done the “DeWalt” logo was downloaded from the internet as an ,svg file taken into Inkscape, added “DWP Collets” text underneath, then applied trace shape to it. I took it into Carbide Create 3 (Why not 4? Still waiting for the GRBL 1.1 installer that was promised (I had a lot of problems with the board when I received my Shapeoko and am reluctant to mess with it now that it is actually working)). From there I created the pockets, labels, etc. but try as I might I cant get ALL of the V-carve elements to make a path. Like I said before this is the last of multiple attempts - some missing the “W”, some missing the “6 mm” or the “5/16"” (which is why they are now text elements within CC instead of traced shapes).

Can I substitute a Text “W” for the missing one? Sure, but that isn’t helping me understand what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

Collet Box - Bottom 2.c2d (453.6 KB)

Did you do Edit/Join Vectors, in case a corner of the W is open or something?

I can honestly say that I did not know that was an option. I do that in Inkscape?

The winding / path direction on the “W” is wrong — oddly reverse direction in Inkscape wouldn’t fix it (though “Correct direction” in Freehand did). I ultimately was able to get it to work in just Inkscape by:

  • ungrouping / breaking everything apart
  • select the W and the outer rectangle
  • Path | Exclusion


Thank you! I am adding this fix to my ever expanding volume of helpful notes and hints for CNC. BTW, how did you KNOW that the winding / path direction was wrong? Is there a way to test for this when exporting to .svg or .dxf?

There is an installer. Mac and Windows, here: http://carbide3d.com/dl/v4/CarbideGrblUpdaterWin.zip and

Thanks for that! I guess the notice it was out got past me in the blog.

Back when I started with vector graphics, they simply wouldn’t work if the winding wasn’t right — plus I spent a fair bit of time make typefaces, and that’s a common error to fix in them. Basically though, winding and not being closed are the main reasons a V-carve path won’t work in Carbide Create (EDIT: another is overlapping with another path).

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I loved your collet box idea so much I had to make my own!



Just got back from opening up my Mothers cabin in the U.P. so I haven’t had a chance to make one myself, but yours came out nice. Only thing I plan on doing differently is blacking the lettering so it is easier to see (my eyes aren’t what they once were).