Ideas for reproducing a hand carved object

Someone asked me if it would be possible to reproduce this hand carved item using my CNC. Of course I know it is possible I am just curious if anyone here has done something similar and knows of a good process for creating the 3d model from a picture

A couple of options:

  • re-draw all the outlines, then model in 3D
  • take a series of photographs and use fancy software to re-create the object in 3D
  • use a 3D scanning tool to make a 3D model


I would use the photo as a background canvas in Fusion and draw it out and extrude with sketch. Would be a lot of work. I am sure a quality 3D scanner would be much easier and more accurate method to produce a model.

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What software are you hoping to use?

It might be easier to make a mold of it and make it out of epoxy.

Just a thought.

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If this is a one off task (In that you will not be converting physical items into 3d models on a consistent basis) then I’d highly recommend commissioning a 3d scan.

DIY photogrammetry and 3d scanners can certainly capture the details but the time investment to learn those sorts of techniques is hefty. It’s very quick to get a mediocre model… it’s significantly more difficult to get a good model.

A friend of mine wanted something similar done. For about 100 USD he got an exceptionally detailed 3d model that we could print/cast/mill to our hearts content. Mesh fixing and making sure it was “water tight” was included in that cost.
Turn around time was less than a week.

Sometimes paying someone else to do the hard/uninteresting bits is the right answer :slightly_smiling_face:


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