I'm a NEWBIE! Can I use a Microsoft Surface Go with Shapeoko 3 XXL?

I’m looking into buying a Shapeoko 3 XXL and will also need to buy a laptop (or something) to use with it.
The laptop I purchase will ONLY be used with the Shapeoko and Cricut machines.
I’m looking at a Microsoft - Surface Go - 10" Touch-Screen, Intel Pentium Gold, 8GB Memory, 128GB Storage. Will this work? Any suggestions?

It should be ok. You’ll need a USB-C to USB-B cable for the serial connection to the machines.

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I can confirm as well it should work fine with the caveat as the previous post mentioned regarding the connection needed. I am actually using one of the original Microsoft Surface tablets as my main interface to control my Shapeoko XXL. I love it. the only other thing I would add/suggest is a bluetooth/wireless mini keyboard with a touchpad. I find it easier to type with my thumbs (like a phone) when i need to make connections to my network share to obtain the gcode runfiles, rename or create directories etc. e.g. trying to copy / paste Ctrl-c Ctrl-v or long press hinders the experience on a touch screen in my option. YMMV

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It’s well beyond the system requirements: https://docs.carbide3d.com/software-faq/carbide-motion-min-requirements/

The one issue might be if the machine comes configured in “Windows S” mode — you’ll need to turn that off which will then allow non-store apps to run.

Here is my set up, MicrioSoft Go in bottom corner. No issues at all.


Make sure to also get the Stream Deck.

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Wow! I love this setup. So nice and clean and with so many mods. The 80/20, the liquid cooling, the control panel, the DP3005 (or higher amperage) power supplies, etc. I’m putting a number of these things on my to do list next.

I have an ancient laptop and it works fine with that.

What is a stream deck? What’s the benefits? Is it a necessity?

It is an accessory keyboard which allows one to customize the images of the keys:

How does a “stream deck” incorporate into a CNC machining workflow?

Allows you to use suitable images to describe the various shortcut keys:

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I use a Raspberry PI 3B with CNCjs. I was tired of having my laptop tied up for hours while running a job. For > $100 you will be good to go and can use the Surface for design and not have it tied up running a job.



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