I'm at it again - looking to bring a Standalone EasyTram Z to market

Hello everyone!

With my first project (the Beaver CNC Heavy Duty Linear Z/X) making rapid progress. I wanted to setup project no 2.

It occurred to me that one of the worst parts of owning a Shapeoko (if ever there was a bad thing to say) is the adjustment on tramming! It drove me nuts and I see countless threads on adjustment and ridges on pieces.

Previously I had offered plans for an easy tram mount however it required modification to the existing Z plate. Whilst that wasn’t ideal it allowed you to adjust the spindle tram easily without the need to fanny about between your Z and X plates time and time again.

I thought it was such a great idea I included it on the the Heavy Duty Linear Z/X. I then thought to myself why not offer a stand alone version that utilises all the existing shapeoko hardware?

The principle is simple and can seen seen in this working diagram.

I wanted to start a project that had a much lower price point but would create a better Shapeoko experience for all.

What am I offering?

A simple Z plate upgrade that allows you to easily tram your spindle left/right using eccentric nuts.

  • A simple upgraded precision milled Z plate
  • The Z plate would be slightly stiffer than stock
  • A precision milled EasyTram mount
  • All required hardware to fit and adjust the Z from the front
  • Video tutorials
  • Compatible with all current kit including well known dustboots
  • Direct fitting to your existing X plate and Shapeoko hardware
  • Global shipping

I’m in the final design and testing stages, and should be in a position to ship in 6-8 weeks. Maybe less, I’m expecting these would retail at around $100 including global shipping.

Here is a concept

  • Luke, your a mad man but I’d be keen. I hate tramming my machine.
  • Great idea, but I don’t have a problem tramming.

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You’re missing the option for “you’re a mad man…” :slight_smile: Very nice work on all these!
Couple Q’s…
Is it using the stock spindle clamp?
Does it completely replace the whole Z plate and mount, or just bolt to the existing plate?

As with all things related to those d@mn springs, I’d worry about sag or lift over time if the weight is significantly different than the stock plate. Bless C3D, the stock springs with a standard router are bang on perfect, but any mod I’ve made to the net weight of my Z assembly and it seems no matter what I do to my springs, I get Z drift over long jobs.

Aren’t you happy to have me back pooping on your pancakes?!

Hi Adam, I also didn’t addd ‘stop coming up with modifications you pesky britt!’

To answer all your questions:

  • It uses the stock spindle clamp.
  • It completely replaces the existing stock Z plate - but uses the existing hardware i.e. v wheels, pulley etc. Additional bolts and eccentric spacers are provided where needed (although there is only 4 additional screws and 2 eccentric nuts required)
  • It will weigh the same as the stock plate so no real extra weight. It’s not designed for larger spindles but for those happy with the dewalt/makita

This is only designed to allow you to Tram the axis with ease, if your experiencing drift I’d recommend looking at my heavy duty linear Z. Drift is a foreign word…

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LOL, well, I suppose that one goes without saying??

Thanks for the answers, I’ve changed my response appropriately, I’d be interested in one, though with the unwritten subtext of “yadda yadda limey bugger”, of course.


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