I'm in the Game

Shapeoko XXL up and running. Many thanks to Rob, Meg and Apollo for giving me a chance to come by and see the machines before jumping in. I couldn’t be happier. Started cutting before I even finished the cart for it.

Thanks also to Mark Bellon for advice before purchasing.

Next up finishing the enclosure. Appreciation to everyone on the forum putting out good ideas. Special thanks to Winston Moy for the continued advice, ideas and entertaining videos. I watched a lot before I bought my machine and am now adapting some of his projects for my own use.

What an awesome tool and powerful community. Can’t wait for the next project and the one after that and the one after that and…

My 14 Year old putting the finishing welds on the cart.
There’s a bit of finishing work to do on the cart, but we are already on to the enclosure.


Game on!
Thanks for the kind words!
Heres my threaded table and clamp plans, I went right into the stock MDF, but attaching a secondary sheet is probably a better approach:


Love the kid welding - I was taught at about that age by a friend of the family, and I’m always sad so few kids get to learn stuff like that any more!


No safety glasses in that first picture? Seems like it’s running…


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Agree - but never too old to learn - I’m 28 and just got my first welder ;p

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