Im never notified when to change bits

im never notified when to change bits. sometimes the machine just stops cutting but i cant move z up to change bits this is frustrating

This happened to me, too. Here’s the thread - I think.

The steps worked like a charm.

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Usually you have not picked the correct post processor. Be sure you picked Shapeoko and/or Nomad. Generic or gbrl gcode will not prompt for changing bits. If you do not have a BitSetter you cannot do advanced vcarve. If you do not have BitSetter there is an off site tool to split the job into multiple toolpaths. The user fenrus has a link to utility in forum.

On advanced vcarve with pocketing enabled if the end mill is too large for the pocket that step is skipped.

no i do not have a bit setter

where do i find this post processor

If you want to run one job with many tools, and be prompted for changes, you need a BitSetter. It’s required to calculate the changes in the length of the tool so the Z zero-point can be automatically adjusted.

Your current options are to write a file for each tool. Then you need to load and run each file sequentially and manually set the zero each time.

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When you open CC, click Edit… (upper left in toolbar if I remember right)Then Post Processor… then Shapeoko.

If you do not have a BitSetter you will need to write out separate files as noted at:

so ihave to keep starting over with every toolpath

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For each different tool, correct.

It is having multiple tools in a single file which the BitSetter enables.

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