I'm using this gamepad to control my Shapeoko

I used a program called Antimicro to map all keys that moves my Shapeoko to the 8BitDo Zero2 GamePad

I do like it and I wanted to share it with you all.


Glad to hear it’s working, I’m looking for a wireless gamepad also. Something cheap and functional.

Was considering a cheap PS3 copy, but these I believe won’t work, PS4 controllers would.

May well order the same as you.

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When you’re using the controller, do you have to be on the Jog screen? I’m using a wireless numeric pad ($8 on eBay), which works great for setting speeds and moving the gantries (arrow keys, pgup, pgdn, and then numlock 1-4 to set the speeds)…but you do have to still go to the Jog screen to use it. With the controller, is that the same?

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I’ve just ordered one, would be great to know your key mapping setup @ispot.

I would presume so, I don’t think they work differently?

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I would think not…then this one works for me. Can’t find it for $8 anymore, now it’s $12

PgUp and PgDn control the Z axis and the arrow keys manage the X and Y. Use can set the speed by clicking on the numeric pad and choosing 1-4, then click it off and move using the keys. Works without any mapping because the Jog screen takes keyboard entry already in CM.


As soon as I get back home. I did not want you to feel ignored.

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Yes, it is the same.

Having already ordered the gamepad, part of me now thinks a numpad like this may be the better option…

When CM added “game pad support” recently what did it actually add, if keyboard mapping already worked?

I don’t know…that’s a question for the CM Folks!

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I like my gamepad because of it’s small size and convieniently laid buttons. It fitts much better in my hand. Before this one, I was using this.

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It added using a Game controller directly w/o mapping, and a pair of special button for increasing/decreasing the feed rate increment.

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Num pad is ok, I don’t like it as most have no light or indicator to show if numlock is in or off. Wasted too much time trying to change speed. Cheap Xbox controller works way faster…


Thanks Will, how would I map these new feed rate buttons to this controller? Do they have standard keyboard equivalents? As @ispot says this controller needs mapping, I presume as it isn’t a ‘standard’ xbox style controller.

Unfortunately, the game controller buttons don’t seem to be made available when one is using a gamepad, and I haven’t found a tool which will cross this particular divide.

I did submit this as an issue on GitHub for AntiMicro:

as noted at:

Hopefully @robgrz will add a keyboard option for these buttons and my life will be that much simpler.


Understood and thanks :slight_smile:

I can double confirm the 8bitdo works perfectly. Thanks @ispot!


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