Imported USMC EGA Emblem

I imported the USMC EGA Emblem from the CC Library. This is what I see… The EGA has several pink (magenta) lines that are not allowing me to create a tool path. I think I have read something regarding open paths, but not sure where to begin. I was hoping the files in the CC library would be formatted to work with CC. Help, please.

Also, I am trying the trial of pro, but not sure how to really turn this EGA into a 3D model. I am using 1/2" MDF for a trial run.


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I use Inkscape when I have graphics with color. I select graphic so it highlights the graphic. Click on the “PATH” tab then
From here select “UPDATE” to see your graphic you are working on. You may need to adjust the Brightness Threshold to vary the lines to your satisfaction.

This will create a Vector graphic of the image. After selecting “OK” you will need to move the Vector graphic off the original image and delete the original image. The vector image should not have the color in the image at that time.
Center the image and save as an SVG file you can import to CC for editing.

Hope this helps. If you need it, I can make a short video for step-by-step instructions.

I am assuming one could do something similar in Adobe Illustrator.

Please see instead the one which I posted at:

I have the 3D model
Have not carved it yet tho

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