Importing and Exporting Tool Databases

For us Vectric users, Amana provides for an easy import of all their tools in a single database that looks like this.


And Whiteside is currently working on a full database to import as well but currently limited to 1 bit at a time to import.

Is Carbide Create ever going to allow us to import and export tool databases? I ask this mainly because when wiping my computer which I do on a regular basis (don’t need your comments, i do that for a reason being an 32 year IT developer / veteran), I wasn’t even thinking and after reload discovered I lost my entire tool database of whiteside bits I had manually created inside CC over the past 6 / 8 months. UGH!

It would be a great feature…on a side note, it would be great if there was a repository for people to share tool databases among the community here. Kinda like the picture gallery but for bits…would be really great for folks who use chineseium or disposable bits on a regular basis as well as nicer Amana and Whiteside collections.

If you’re a 30 year IT veteran, shouldn’t you have an offsite backup in place to easily restore from? :smiley:

I kid I kid, that sucks. but it would be nice to import a Vectric tool library.

if someone had 30 years of development experience maybe they could figure out a way to convert whatever file format that database is stored into a .csv that CC understands. :smiley:

sorry couldn’t resist.

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thanks Rob… always 1 in the bunch!

i agree Rafi. Lots of folks buying 1 off’s and such from eBay, Drillman, etc.

It’s coming, at least as an accessible csv that can be sync’d/backed up

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i don’t keep backups because I don’t need backups.

The question was: Will Carbide Create ever allow the importing and exporting of a tool database.

thank you DanStory for the response and I get the fact that this is free software but…

Vectric and Whiteside provide a means in respect to a properly formatted tool database or tool file. We should have the ability to import that database without having to heehaw around with csv files or even folder structures to get it done. These are the little things that are important imo and will keep me away from purchasing this pro version you guys are working on. All the carving stuff ya’ll are working on is already available in a tool I already use, i don’t care about all that right now (later on may be a different story). I would rather see a LOT more attention paid to little things by Carbide3D to make CC a much more user friendly application.

Example and going back to the tool database thing:
When you open CC, there should be a menu item here labeled Tool Database or the likes.


Nope, you have to at a minimum click file, open an existing file, go to toolpath tab, dbl click an existing toolpath, click edit button, click edit library button, then click add tool. And then, it doesn’t give you the ability to store that as YOUR tool in YOUR library, it’s simply lumped into a bunch of other tools that I never use and for some odd reason, CC won’t allow you to delete any that come with the software.

Sorry, didn’t mean it was a proper solution, but it is at least a workaround in the time being (with the beta). I personally don’t use CC, it only frustrates me. I don’t know how some others use it so extensively :laughing:

However, that feedback above I am sure is welcome for the the product/develop teams.

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the beta has nice CSV files for the database that are easy to copy around/backup/etc… and I can imagine vendors (or communities of users like us) making nice libraries


We’re trying to make the data directory hold everything that the user needs to keep, tools for now and eventually additional post processors.

You can get to the data directory from the Help->About screen.
You can get to the tool database in the beta releases from the Edit menu.

CSV is the format we’re using to hold the tool database because we’ve got a lot of users who like to tweak things and that seemed like a neutral format. The format doesn’t matter though, you can copy it from one PC to another. If you want to create a Carbide backup script that you run periodically or before nuking your PC it should be simple enough, just copy everything in the data directory without have to explicitly import/export anything from the program itself.

(Everything above only applies to the Beta releases for the moment)


Thank you Rob, appreciate the response.

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