Importing artwork into Carbide 3D

I’m looking to convert some of my illustrations into code I can run through the C and C. Here are some of the pieces I’m working with. Woodcuts

I’m pretty good with most of the graphics programs, but carbide 3d and c and c is new.

Any advice or direction welcome.


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These images should import well using Image Tracing:

I took the liberty of grabbing one:

which when traced:

Imported well:

and with suitable toolpaths:

previews well for cutting:

If wished, you could reverse this by adding a surrounding rectangle:

Inkscape is very good at turning images into svg files. Plus it is free.

This is great, thanks so much.

Thanks for taking the time to do this and share it. I really appreciate it

My new favorite PNG to SVG converter

My other new favorite:

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