Importing from internet

Can anyone advise me about importing images from the internet? I have been asked to make a cutout of a generic dog headshot i.e a view of the dog from the front. At the moment, the dog can just be a general dog shape, but I think the request may soon be to have a specific dog, e.g. a labrador or a spaniel. Firstly, I am unsure of the format to import, e.g. png, pdf, svg, c2d. Secondly, can anyone point me to a source of free material that might fit the bill?

Usually SVG is best, but some post processing may be needed:

Pixel images may be traced:

For files see:

I search google all the time for pictures, specifically line art. I have Norton 360 and surprisingly a lot of images I click on Norton stops me. There are a lot of traps to get you to a site that is not a good place to be. Be sure you have security software in place to help prevent the bad things that can happen on the internet.

As I said above I search google for line art and find a ton of it. Some of it is not good for my project but when I find one there are a couple of options for using in CC.

You can import a bit map image (png gif etc…) and trace it. Personally I have not had good luck with that but some people really like it.

After you get an image in bit map form I use Inkscape to convert it to an svg. Depending on how busy the picture is you some times have to clean up the image after importing into CC. There will be overlaping vectors and open vectors but it is relatively easy to clean up.

Another option is They sell a lot of images relatively cheap. Some of them are great and some are not so great. The not so great ones have open vectors and so on. Buyer Beware.

So there are a lot of options but you must choose carefully. When I started I would download images that were way too busy and carving them was a failure. I learned what works in line art and what does not.

Lastly if you are artistic you can draw your own image, scan it and turn it into an svg. When I draw circles they look like eggs and my eggs look like circles. So all my taste is in my mouth. The thing about making your own images is there will be no copyright issues. Making a custom piece for a person is not likely to get you a copyright lawsuit but you never know. So if you use other peoples images check out if it is copyrighted and be aware you can run into legal issues.