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I was in a similar situation. Recommend creating a small name sign 1st. As simple as it sounds, it goes into the basics of the software, setup, zeros of the cnc, understanding clamping, and so on… I ended up creating a sign with graphics, I needed to recreate on graphic software, then figure out how to import for carbide create, make toolpaths, while using different type bits, then saving each tool path as a seperate g code operation. In the end…just start using it. I still haven’t done the recommended tutorials, but am alreading creating very inticate products. Have fun!!!
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I started playing around with the software about a month before i even built the cnc. I keep designing stuff and saving it. I am learning how to do a lot in Create. Still a lot to learn but its always a good feeling when you struggle with something and then finally figure it out. And everyone on here has been very friendly and helpful. Makes a big difference. Thank you.


I’m in St. Clair Shores. Do you still need assistance?

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I finally cut some cutting boards and some parts for my dust collectiin. An overhead arm for the hose and a bracket for a blast gate. I am however still struggling with the design software when it comes to anything beyond very basic design.


What design difficulty are you having?

We have videos on the software at:

and I’ve written up a bit on the basics at:


if you get stuck on a file, post it here or send it in to and we’ll gladly walk through the issue w/ you if we can’t find a suitable tutorial to address the process in question.

Unfortunately im one of those people that retain information better if im doing something while its being explained. I have never been a big computer guy so its just a big learning curve. Id really like to try some 3d stuff but i just dont understand it enough yet. I have been watching the videos and will continue to do so. Eventually it will click. Lol

Wrote up a bit on Carbide Create Pro’s 3D modeling at:

I’ll check it out. Thank you.

This look great and you seem to be picking it up just fine.

Thr things im having the biggest struggle with is 3d, stacked text and i haven’t even ventured into V Carve. Still at the very basics of the design software.

For stacked text see:

If you get stuck on a file, post here or to and we’ll work through it w/ you.

Are you using Carbide Create or another program for your design software?

Did you design the projects that you made or just run someone else’s project? Nothing wrong with cutting out someone’s plan, just miss the learning opportunity of screwing up & learning from your mistakes.

3D … that is not something you can just jump into and produce a fantastic looking item without a high level of prior experience IMO.

Think of it this way, you are attempting to learn numerous foreign languages at the same time with minimum time & practice without a native helping you.

Did you get “Hello World” to work?

Can you cut a square, circle, rectangle, etc out?

Did you get the above cut out to the size you designed them to?

Have you been successful with any of the tutorials?

From there, you build on your success & failures. It’s the whole Chicken or egg thing or crawl before running, depending on what your into.

As Will & others have posted, post whatever file your having issues with & someone will jump in to help.


I am using Carbide Create Pro. The projects I’ve cut so far have all come out to the right dimensions. I’m doing ok with the very basics, I’m just trying to figure out V carve, tracing, 3d. I don’t expect to jump right in like a pro, just need to understand some basics so i can start playing around with it.

Ok, I don’t use CC Pro, but I can’t imagine those features would be that different from the free version.

More than happy to help work it out with you. Can you DM me a phone # & I’ll give you a call sometime around 1pm tomorrow? Or need you some other time?