Insert pause in Gcode for CM

Is there a way to insert a pause in a program coming from CM? There are other threads, but I didn’t find what I’m asking.

As an example, if I’m doing an indexed 4th axis operation, I’d start the program, run through the tool change / bitsetter operation, run the first location, then I’d like to pause (tool raises out of the way and I turn it off), index the part, turn router on, and go again and repeat the same operation. As I stands, I’ve been re-running the program which forces it to go through the tool change / bitsetter operation every time even when nothing there has changed.

Thanks for any pointers.

No automatic way to do it from CC, But you can insert a M1 at the end of the line after which you want the program to stop. If you insert it on it’s own line, it will execute the next line then stop.

This won’t move the tool or stop the spindle, but it’s the command to stop executing the program.

Here’s a feature request, bump it if you like the idea!

Thank you for your replies. To put the question differently, is there a way to re-run a program without going through the bitsetter cycle for repeated operations? Imagine milling a pocket, and all you want to do is mill a pocket, pause, swap the part, and mill another pocket. I assume the best way to do this is to disable the bitsetter for this type of operation so program repeats are faster?

Sure, once the bit is set & the program runs once, turn off the bitsetter. You may need to re-check your Z once, but after that it will stay put.
I do this when surfacing a larger piece & don’t want to measure it. I just run the surface program once, turn off the bitsetter, then run it again. Only difference is I change Z zero between each run.

You can also use the “Pause” button in CM if you have multiple runs in one file. That lifts to the Z home position & stops the spindle. You just have to be watching it to hit Pause at the right spot.

My current work around is that I have the same tool, but with a different number. It will then do a tool change.

I’d love to have a convenient way in gcode to have the program pause and move out of the way to allow me to insert hardware before doing a profile cut.

My personal preference is to remove the tool change command (M06) from the gcode. The bitsetter only gets called (during program execution) when it sees that command. This way if you have a crash or something, you can always re-measure the tool and continue without diving through the settings to enable/disable the BitSetter.


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