Instructions for fitting a 2.2kw (or other power spindle) and VFD

There are a few ways to do it using either the VFD’s integrated relay or if it doesn’t have one the FA/FB/FC and a few parameter changes.


Thanks for chiming in Luke. Care to explain how to do it with the spindle’s integrated relay or maybe post a link if you have one? It’s the HY 2.2kw vfd, the same one you had on your previous cncs.

I no longer use that brand of VFD. In short you just need to set the VFD relay to be NO during operation and NC whilst off/not in opp.

Wire the pins in the same way people wire in a feed hold switch and gnd.

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thanks man, now I know what to do, just don’t know how

hey @Luke, do I remember correctly that you used to have a picture with that diagram back in your beaver cnc days? Would you happen to have a copy of it somewhere?

Hi all who help, the ones why still struggle and the ones who have it all figured out! :slight_smile:

I now have everything running (good enough for now), but I do still have some small issues. I use the voltage conversion module, which out of the package, did not give a proper 0-5 to 0-10V conversion. short story, lower programmed (200rpm), I measured (4000rpm). the error reduces to almost “0” at 24000rpm.

Now I adjusted the pot meter on the conversion module, to have minimum error around 12000-20000 rpm (which I used most). the error size stays the same, but below 12000 it’s a negative error, above 12000 its positive.
I mainly mill hard woods and plastic, so these errors are acceptable, but it would be nice to get rid of it. If anyone nows how to fix this, your help would be highly appreciated!

another small issue is that the spindle makes a squeaky noise sometimes. it comes and goes, and is mostly there during lower rpms. it doesn’t go away when warmed up either. is this a hardware issue, or could i be I have some wrongly coded frequency codes on the VFD? I can add a video if you want. let me know.

Otherwise here I’ll sum up my setup and settings. I know all of it has been said before, but I jsut sum it all up to reduce scrolling time for future member:
I hope this can help others:
Shapeoko 3XL
YL-620A VFD with 1,5kw 400HZ water cooled Spindle
0-5 to 0-10v voltage conversion module.

PWM output (0.5V) from SO3 connected to PWM connection on voltage conversion module.
13V contact on VFD connected to VCC on voltage conversion module.
Vout on voltage conversion module connected to VI1 on VFD,
XGND connected to FWD on FVD.
all ground connections connected.

software/programming updates:
$30=24000 (max spindle rpm)
$31=0 (min spinde rpm)

VFD: here I wright the ones that made everything work as it is today.
P00.00 50 Hz
P00.01: 1 (external control)
P00.04: 400 Hz
P00.05: 400Hz
P00.06: 100%
P00.07: 10Hz
P00.08: 10%
P00.09: 10Hz
P00.10: 10%
P00.11: 100
P00.12: 2
P07.08: 3 (motor speed control by external terminals)

Good luck and thanks for your help!


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I saw in my vfd’s manual something about changing carrier frequency if there is a high pitched whine/squeal, but I have not messed with it because I use hearing protection anyways.

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You may have settings in your VFD that allow one to tune the mapping between the input RPM voltage, and the commanded frequency at the spindle. My Huanyang VFD has parameters PD072 through PD076 for this. But unless you have more than 10% error on the RPM, and since you mill hard wood and plastics, I would not bother…those materials are not too sensitive to subtle cutting speed/chipload variations anyway.


There are two major causes of this, one is the carrier frequency as Andreas notes, on mine it is PD0041 Carrier Frequency and it goes from 0 to 15 with 5 as the factory default. Don’t set this higher than you need to as higher frequency increases losses in the drive and motor and limits the available power. If this is your issue then you’ll hear a different tone of tweeting from your spindle with different settings on this value.

The second is the bearings in the spindle could be not lubricated sufficiently, if that is the case I’d go back to the vendor. I had this on my spindle recently, it would be OK at low speed but then as the speed went up it would hit a point where it made an unpleasant screechy sound. It was out of warranty so I pulled it apart and got some extra high speed bearing grease into them and it shut up.

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Hi there I have 2 questions
Basically when in CM I click on MDI then type in
M3s10000 it comes up busy straight away then everything I type into mdi same thing happens busy
I’m hoping that the second problem is related to the
When I push round button on vfd the spindle starts and and goes up in speed the display reads 400.0
So I have no clue what that is in rpms the stop button turns it off but the run button does nothing is this because it’s the brand vfd so I shouldn’t be pushing the run button
Really red your help