Introducing Crush IT. The last clamping system you will ever need

I’m genuinely excited to announce the latest accessory from Carbide 3D.

The Crush IT Clamps. These will be the last set of clamps you buy. Why, you ask? They are brilliant. We’ve spent over a year refining and working on these to ensure they outperform anything else.

We took a step back and worked backward from the hybrid table. We thought about everything we know, love, and hate about clamps, and made them feature-packed to be our best yet.

They are stacked with features including:

  • Being molded from glass-filled nylon
  • They are magnetically loaded, Making removal of projects quick and easy.
  • Re-Enforced with stainless steel hardware
  • Each set comes with a set of interchangeable flat and serrated jaws

And much, much more…

Kevin will be doing a video shortly to give these a proper introduction…

That’s not all…

With every set of Crush IT Essentials - we’ve included a new Nutz N’ Boltz kit.

This is a handy selection of hardware and a caddy to hold it all.

You can find the new kit here

If you want the Nutz 'n Boltz, they can be found here


My vote is that this is what comes with Shapeoko 5 Pro machines. :slight_smile:

I originally didn’t like the idea of the plastic clamps. But they’ve been durable enough that they are what I use 90% of the time even with aluminum and steel ones at my disposal. I’ve mowed a few down and they are inexpensive enough that I don’t cry, and my endmills thank y’all.


Looks nice. FYI, in the product web page it is called the Crust-It clamp in a couple of spots at the bottom.

Thanks. We fixed it, but I blame Luke.

The glass-filled nylon is really great- it’s incredibly tough, and not likely to kill an endmill. It’s what we use in the shop most of the time too.


I was going to give it a try, but getting some weird error when hitting the checkout button:


I get that on Edge in my PC as well as on my iOS device.
Does that mean it isn’t quite ready for sale yet?

We posted the internal preview links. I updated the links above so it should work now.

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Done. Do I get a prize :joy:

So will that holder/tray be posted on the other site so we can 3D print it? :slight_smile:

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Luke did say to DM him if you had a request…

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It’s on my to do. Should have it up sometime next week.


Bet your free set is on the way! Actually, a fair price I bought’em!

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Those are sweet, going to definitely pick up a set.

A set is likely on the way. :wink:

But I will mention that I have bought a fair amount of the Essentials/Tigers/Gators on my own dime. Honestly they are all fair priced for the feature set, but the Essentials have become a favorite of mine and are so far on the bang-for-the-buck scale that I have a lot of them. I literally have 7 FDM 3D printers at my disposal to print clamps if I want, but I almost always buy the Essentials. :smiley: I have even had one job using customer provided material that was really expensive. They ordered the minimum size to make the part, so I programmed to just cut thru the clamps. The cost of the clamps was far less than the cost of the extra material I would usually allow for workholding.


I would like to see a set with a longer throat. I often have to add some spacers between the clamps and the project to get it secured.

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Agree with you! That’s why I bought a set!


I read that as “Magically” loaded not magnetically loaded :slight_smile:
So do they apply clamping pressure due to the ramp as you screw them down? (I really need to dig my computer glasses out of the pile on my desk)


Correct, the clamping pressure comes from the two ramps, the retraction when you remove the part comes from the magnets pushing the two pieces apart. If you run a lot of repeat work and want a trouble free change over, this should be a win.


Would these suit a Shapeoko 3?

Any chance a 1/4"-20 compatible version is in the works?

As noted on the shop page:

These clamps are suitable for use on any machine with a Hybrid table, but can also be used on other machines such as the Nomad or Shapeoko 3 if you have a suitable fixture to screw them down to.

So they should work if you have a T-track or M6 or 1/4"-20 threaded inserts (EDIT: As noted below there should be enough room for 1/4" hardware to fit, but I doubt we would ever do an Imperial version of the Crush-It Nutz ’n’ Bolts tray or T-Nuts).

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