Introducing Quick Draw

For many years, we’ve wanted to find a better way to run the Hello World project. The prototyping and playing with pens rekindled the passion and pleasure of using a Shapeoko as a plotter.

I’m pleased to announce Quick Draw.

Quick Draw is an easy way to mount a pen, pencil, or writing implement to your Shapeoko (with a 65mm router or spindle).

What’s even better is we’re including one with every Shapeoko 4, Shapeoko Pro, and Shapeoko 5 Pro machines shipped after Jan 30, 2024.

We’re keen to see what ya’ll do with it.


Is this unit designed to fit the Nomad 3?

No, the Nomad spindle is not 65mm in diameter.

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Can you share a 3D model for printing?


This would be great, please!

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