Introducing the TIGER CLAW!

It’s been a while since we announced a new ‘thing’…

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Carbide 3D family… the Tiger Claw!

These low profile, heavy duty quick clamps are great for quick fixtures and job setup. I’ve had the pleasure of using them for the last month or two and absolutely love them!

I’ve used them on wood, and metal projects and they are by far the best clamp I’ve used when clamping the top face isn’t an option.

Now in the store!

More ‘things’ soon :wink:

EDIT: The Corner Square in the video is now live as well:


Oh come on, you make me question my tape & glue religion now…


As a beta tester of these, I will agree with Luke that these are by far the best clamp (for sideways pressure) I have used. Their grip is insane and they work crazy well. For my usage, 2 is all I really need since I use the Gator Tooth as a backstop and apply the clamping pressure with the Tiger Claw.

The fit and finish on these are top notch and the only time I don’t use these is when I am doing a through cut near the edge of my material and I don’t want the sideways pressure to bend the slot.


A long time ago, I found these Legacy LowPro clamps, but were a little expensive for my blood at the time. I thought about maybe even making my own, trying to be different I designed it with a dovetail:

Very nice execution on these Tigger (:wink:) Claws.


Now these are some champs ide buy!
Very nice design with the stainless and guide pins guys


Is the black square fence one of them? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice clamps but I was really expecting the Tiger Claw from Wing Commander when I opened this!


Major nostalgia rush, thank you !
(sorry, back to the topic)


A little thing, but a thing never the less


Another beta-tester — before Luke let me in on the beta I was seriously considering some of the commercial clamps which are similar — which given the prices would have had me sleeping on the couch at least a couple of nights.

They are amazing, and I’m pretty sure if I used them to clamp a handle to my threaded table I could pick up my Nomad with a pair of them holding it.

A really cool thing to do is to cut off a bit of T-track or something which fits in-between filler strips to make “feet” for them — then you can slide them back and forth along the T-track as desired and have them at the perfect height for clamping.


You guys are killing me! :slight_smile: I just dropped $225 on filament yesterday, so now I’ll have to wait until next payday and play the “get the email and hope I beat everyone else to the submit order button” game.

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I wonder if you have tried a different glue besides super glue? I did and found out the a “Weld Bond” works with the blue tape very well and the 14oz bottle is cheap. I think it’s really just a form of aliphatic resign such as Tite Bond wood glue but it does not say. I allow it to dry one hour and then cut. Man does it stick yet the tape comes off as usual.

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That’s why super glue is used.


any hopes a Nomad bed friendly version will drop?

these are sweet but eat up a lot of real estate in each direction.

Does anyone know how big the slot is? I assume it’s the same as the gator clamps but hoping it would fit 5/16” bolts. Sorry if it mentions that somewhere and I didn’t see it.

They’re really tiny and work well on my Nomad’s threaded bed (takes either M6 or 1/4"-20 hardware) — I actually suggested making them a tiny bit narrower, but did so too late in the manufacturing process, but not because they didn’t fit the Nomad (wanted them the same width as T-track).

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Always the remarks from the trolls. It does not take any where near 1 hour but I like to play it safe. If you want to spend good money of super glue then do so. My suggestion was just that a suggestion, it does not call for a reply of nature you chose.

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Just measured mine and I got ~6.27mm — let’s go with a strong 6.25mm

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even CA glue can take hours to fully cure. CA glue only takes seconds to fixture, but the bond doesn’t truly set as you suggest. respect your practice of allowing time to cure. same applies for threadlockers that most people are not aware of the cure time required for maximum effect.

there are accelerators that speeds cure time up to minutes or seconds. i’ve used some of the loctite accelerators and man that stuff is amazing, but you get limited setup/adjustment time. haha


I think that given the lack of emotive context online it’s best for folks to give people the benefit of the doubt in situations like this — the time is a valid point, if obvious — if a comment doesn’t warrant reporting, please just scroll past.

@neilferreri — if you feel your comment needs to be edited to better understand your intent please feel free to do so.