iOS and Android Carbide Motion DRO Pendant

I ported my pendant code from the Stream Deck to iOS and Android. It was an interesting exercise. Not as satisfying and the physical key feedback on the stream deck but I like the workflow. I ended up writing a little file server program to load files instead of having it browse the device - I don’t keep nc files on my phone :slight_smile:

Not sure if there’s any interest in this but if there is I’d take a couple (maybe 2 or 3) beta testers. Keep in mind this is early beta code. I can’t guarantee it won’t break your system, essentially the same disclaimer all software has.

See my original Stream Deck post here: Carbide Motion DRO Pendant


I would love to test it if it is pretty simple to build or you have it built and sent it to test. Just let me know how I can help.

I’ve sent you a message with details.

Wow! This is awesome work you are doing!

This is something that we really need in our shop. I would love to beta test for you, but our S3XXL is a production machine, so we can’t really beta test with it.

So I will offer encouraging words. Keep it up, this is a much needed tool in the Carbide 3D community.

Our shop I’d spread out between 3 different buildings so we use iPad Pros to keep connected and design and sketch ideas for clients. If we could use the iPads to run the machines also, it would make our workflow much smoother.

Please keep us posted!!

Very interesting but I’m worried about lag time between the pendant and the Shapeoko. If you press pause/stop will it stop quickly? When I press the move key 3 times, will it lag and give me 2 moves then a second later another? A touch screen has no real feedback so you may not know if there is a command still in process. Did it record three key stroke or two?

The pendant doesn’t communicate with the Shapeoko directly it sends commands to the Carbide Motion service which sends them to the machine. This is the same mechanism used by the Carbide Motion UI - so from a lag perspective they’re no different. That said you are correct about no feedback from a touchscreen.


@davesem just dug out the old development Ipad and wiped the drool from my mouth… How do we get started ?

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