IOT Relay on the Pro (pt2)

I asked before how to get the Relay working on the pro. I was told to populate the pwd and gnd spots on the top right. I finally took the controller board off, but after removing the 4 black screws on each corner, I couldn’t remove the board from the backing plate. On the pictures you should be able to see a metal part keeping that on.

How do I populate this without being able to pull this off all having access to the back? I also don’t fully trust my soldering skills.

I HIGHLY recommend JTech Photonics Press-in Molex connectors. I’ve installed them on 5 different Shapeoko (Shapeoko 3, 4, and Pro) control boards. No soldering is awesome. That completely solves your issue.

The control board uses a sticky thermal pad on the back of some of the components to the case so it can be used as a heat sink. That is why it’s still stuck on. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, ordered!

Thank you

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Why not start with the pins on the icsp header?

Get yourself a soldering practice kit to play with.

Also, that adhesive will let go. Just be gentle.

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For a bitrunner?

You can also buy a molex microfit to crimp and use the existing external port.

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