Is my X Axis Motor Broken or Faulty?

I had noticed some slitly elliptical holes last time I ran my machine and now it looks like the motor is no longer working properly.

Please see this video I took:

Do you think it is dead and needs replacement? I just ordered 2 from Spark Fun overnight and hopefully one will do the trick with an extra for next time!

I did end up noting that all connections were snug and the board looked fine.

Any ideas?

Can you mark the motor shaft to see if it’s rotating? Have you checked the X axis pulley set screws?

Stepper motors rarely go bad. If it’s not the pulley slipping, it could be a damaged wire. Worst case would be a damaged motor driver (new board).

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If you haven’t, please contact us at

Note that the motors from Sparkfun will have bare wires, so you will need:

  • pins
  • new housings (if the old ones can’t be re-used)
  • crimping tool


for specifics.

But, it’s not likely to be the stepper motors as @neilferreri noted.

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