Is there a 3d model of the Pro XXL available?

Might be getting a Pro XXL, and trying to model out the table and enclosure I’d want to make for it before it shows up. I know there are dimensions on the site, but are there (even rough) 3d models of the various models someplace? I’d feel better building my design around something more accurate than a cube. . .


So. . . that’s a no?

There is no “official” model, some custom ones float around the forum but I can’t seem to find one rightnow. I remember @CNCInspiration modeled the hybrid table/slats (see here), not sure if he went on to model the whole machine.


Ok, thanks. That’s surprising. I don’t expect a fully detailed model, but it seems like a basic shape would be a common thing for people to need.

A few of us created detailed CAD models of the SO3 in various forms but I’m not aware of the same thing for the SO Pro.

If you want the Fusion model for the SO3 that might be a place to start?

Any idea how much the outer dimensions changed between 3 and Pro?

The footprint of the Pro is available on the product page, but dimensions of a table and enclosure should be larger than that (for comfort/ease of use). I know it’s not as good as a 3D model, but as a reference here’s how I sized my own table and enclosure:

The table (torsion box) is 150cm wide by 130cm deep (that’s approx. 59" x 51")
This was both the max size I could manage, and just enough clearance on the left/right/front side for ease of use/maintenance.

The enclosure is 100cm tall above the torsion box surface (39"). As you can see the total heigh of the Pro is much less than that, but I made the mistake before (twice) of not making my enclosure tall enough.


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Thanks for the info.

Thanks @Julien & @Tumerboy, I am also planning on building a cabinet for the Shapeoko Pro XXL before purchase and trying to determine the height of the hybrid table. I want to make the SO Pro working space the same height as an adjacent work bench just in case I get job that runs longer than the working space.

I was thinking a cabinet space of 54" x 48" x 24". Do you think this space is too small? Specifically, a height of 24"?

It will work, but if you can, make it taller or at least make the top removable instead. My first two enclosures were not tall enough, I kept banging my head when doing maintenance, and upgrades to the machine were a pain too. Top lighting is also great, so ideally you need some extra height for that

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Thanks, My plan is to have the area above the CNC enclosure as a storage cabinet. Likely would just have some organized totes in it. I could make the bottom of the shelf to be removeable, but wont plan on doing that much. I was also thinking of lighting, but I was just planning on running LED strips along the top edge of each cabinet.

Yeah I went with that solution initially, but now have a large LED panel attached to the ceiling of the enclosure and the lighting is so much better (top down)

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