Is there a new Zeroing procedure for this Version 6?

Ok so I just used my old laptop with the older version and its doing the same thing now. I have no idea how this just randomly decides to happen when everything has been working perfectly.

To be honest, I am not sure what any of these parameters mean.

Okay, it would seem to not be the software parameters — rather an electro-mechanical issue which coincidentally arose at the same time as the software change. Please send the video and photos to and we’ll send you replacement wiring which will fix this.

I do not have the capabilities to send that long of a video through my phone to my email unfortunately. I can send my step by step procedure and some photos, I hope that is enough.

I will also add that while setting up this software change and configuring the Bitsetter, twice my Z pushed the probing bit into my MDF and made a loud stuttering sound as it continued to push down. Could that have ruined my Z axis?

No. While it’s an awful sound that makes everybody cringe, it’s “just” the sound of the stepper motor losing steps at it encounters too much resistance. The Z axis itself should be fine. On Shapeoko models with v-wheels, such a crash may potentially damage or loosen the top or bottom v-wheels of the X/Z carriage though, so it’s worth double-checking them afterwards.

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Did you set the Z axis and resend the configuration after switching versions of Carbide Motion?

If you have been using the old version of Motion with success, you can ignore the new prompt you mention in the original post, and just say “no” or close the dialog.


I will note that I have had a couple of crashes where the machine would run backwards for some number of attempts to initialize — a bit of patience in starting up managed to work through it.

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I did not, could you remind me how to do that?

This is from memory - but you go to settings, choose your machine type and the z-axis type, then find a button that basically means “send configuration”.

Oh yeah, that’s already done. I have it set for the correct Z axis

Set, and sent. Both operations?

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I’ll do it again but yeah I’m almost positive I did all that because that was one of my previous Z issues I’ve had before

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As I’ve noted. I’m pretty sure you have a wiring issue (caused by a bad batch of wiring) — please write in to and we’ll get this sorted out.

Sorry, I just an idiot… I thought my Z axis was HDZ so I had it set for that. So I just fixed it it’s running as normal. I appreciate all your time given!


I have a file that I created in my Vectric software and have been trying to get help from carbide support It requires 3 tool changes. I have the post processor installed for tool changes that Neil did for the shapeoko I was looking for a video on just how it works but can’t seem to find one and Too Me they have made it to hard to use. I know from experience that if you don’t do it right then at some point the bit will plunge deep through your project and and almost get to the alum bed I have had severial phone conversations with tech support and have gotten people that do’nt understand what you are talking about then or I get answer like I thing so ?. when the answer is either yes or no.
Jeff Peters It would be nice if some one could put together written instructions.

Our ability to assist w/ 3rd party software is limited.

Please make a simple file in Carbide Create and send it to Carbide Motion — does it work as expected?

Make the equivalent file in Vectric VCarve and send that — do you get an equivalent file?


I have the right post processor to use for the tool change The 3 files are save to 1 file.
The file is a pocket and av carve of letters and last is the profile cut.
The bits used are …5 dia morticing bit for the pocket and a .75 dia 60 degree v bit. and a .25 dis EM for the cut out.

Oh by the way where is the book that you started, that people help with funding.

It’s here:

Finishing up on making PDFs which will hopefully be printed soon.

Please post the .crv file so people on the forum can have a look at it to see what might be wrong. Or the .nc file. Anything would help us help you.

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