Is there a way to export or save only selected vectors?

I’m working on a pretty complex design and in the process, every once in a while I double click by mistake while I’m sizing something.
CC resizes the item to a miniscule dot, and puts it somewhere out in the middle of nowhere!
And I don’t realize I did it.
So, at the end of the session, I save my work.

When I reload the file, it is zoomed extremely out and it takes a lot of clicks, drags and scrolls to get the image back on my screen (because it saved and opens with all items and that miniscule dot is part of the saved file!

IF I could “save as” only selected items as a CC file or SVG, the invisible dot would not be selected and It would not be saved.

I figured I’d select the only objects I wanted, save as an svg the open a new file and load the svg (with the magic dot not included) and I could move on.

or is there a way to find the rogue dot in the CC file with a text editor?

Any thoughts… very frustrated!

Please send such a file in to us at or post it here and we’ll do our best to look into this.

Could you see if this re-sizing on double-clicking occurs in the new v5?

If it doesn’t, that’d be great to hear — if it does still occur could you make a video? We’ll put it into the bug reports/feature requests and do our best to see what can be worked out.

As a comparison: LightBurn has this feature. The export to SVG only exports the selected objects. Pretty convenient. I think that’s a good Request for CC.

I’ve put the export only selected geometry to DXF or SVG in as a feature request.

Thanks, that would be a great feature. It would allow us to export only part of a project for another project! My CorelDraw does that too. When you export to SVG, the save screen has a checkbox to indicate “selected items only”

Here’s a file that has a magic dot somewhere in the workspace… I took a much more complex file and deleted everything I could except for one object. Still, when you try to open, it takes about 25 scroll-and-drag-to-center moves to see my 16x16 workspace.

car tire.c2d (410.0 KB)

The solution would be to go into the .c2d file with a text editor and delete all the objects which have exponential numbers:

        "behavior": 0,
        "corner_type": 0,
        "cp1": [

Have you had occasion to try to duplicate this in CC5? I’ve been trying to cause it in 474 but haven’t bee successful — where are you double-clicking?

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