Is there any way I can test the software

I want to make sure I can use the 2/2.5 D software that comes with the shapeoko 3 so I know I can use it before spending 12 hundred dollars on this. Is there any way I can test it before purchasing this bank breaking machine.

Heres a link to a recent Carbide Create project:

Heres the download page, you will need to register with your email:

The user guide:


I often use Fustion360 if I am doing any sort of 3D modeling. However, I am often found using Carbide Create if I am doing any sort of 2.5d cutting. I find that it is the most effective way of doing the work that I do. It has the ability to import any sort of SVG files from other projects as well. I find that it is highly effective to complete the jobs I needing done.

Overall the SO3 is expensive considering…However, the quality and support of the Carbide3d team is amazing! If you are interested in purchasing the SO3, DO IT. I would encourage purchasing the XXL…I wish I would of! Like I said, the Carbide3d team is amazing. I had an issue and I simply emailed the team with my issue. With in three days I had new replacement parts free of charge no questions asked. Hope this helps.If you have a job in mind that is needing complete. Ask them and they will be able to help you understand the ability of the SO3 to complete this job. Any more questions please PM me and we can set up a call. Hopes this helps.

One can use pretty much any software on would like:

There’s also a full 3D simulator (for a Windows) which will allow one to simulate operating a machine: