Issue with facing wood

Hey all, I’ve recently started having issues facing wood where when the endmill climb cuts one way it seems fine but when it conventional cuts back, some fibers refuse to be cut and instead are pushed out of the way and form lines in the faced material. I changes stepovers and depth of cut and I still get it. I am confused that it’s deflecting but I didn’t think I had that much to deflect.

I didn’t think this happened before the super cold snap we had in MN so I thought maybe it’s belts but they are all tightened well.

Any thoughts?

P.S. In the picture below, the issue is what is happening in the upper right of the cut out box.


I see this a lot. It depends to some degree on the exact hardness of the wood which varies tree to tree), the sharpness of the endmill (hss is sharper then carbide…carbide is a lot stiffer than hss), how fast you are running, rpm, feedrate, etc. You’ll also likely see that climb vs conventional cutting has a different effect with the grain. Conventional should be better - you can specify that the facing only uses conventional instead of 2-way.

I’ve found that reducing the stepover helps a lot. If you’re using fusion360, face to .010" or so above the top surface of your model, then use 3d adaptive from there, specifying conventional milling only (not two-way).


Got it. I’ll try reducing the stepover more. I may reduce my depth of cut as well. I was more concerned that I knocked my machine out of alignment or something went wrong with the mechanical side as I wasn’t sure why I would be having issues on the feeds and speeds side.

Thanks for your insight. I’ll give that a try and report back.

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