Issues figuring out how to carve this

I’m currently working on a sign for a friend and I’m having issues trying to vcarve this. Any suggestions or a walkthrough would be greatly appreciated.

I want to vcarve the stars, the black portions, and the white stripes. If that is the best way to have it come out nice.

First, you’ll want a vector file — ideally that can be sourced from the designer. If not, the design will need to be re-drawn from the highest resolution pixel version you can source.

Then you’ll need to do some offsets — some of the stars extend beyond the field of the draped flag, so you’ll need to add geometry around that to allow a V carving — this is actually a good thing to do generally, since it affords more and better detailing.

For a tutorial which uses similar principles (just inward rather than outward), see: V carve + inside pocket? for the other direction see:

It might be suitable to work with this using the 3D features in Carbide Create which the Pro license (currently in beta testing) affords: Carbide Create Pro - First Look

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