Issues initializng machine


I finished up the build recently and have started trying to initialize the machine. I have a shapeoko 3.

When it tries to home the zaxis just goes down a certain distance then I get grbl error 10. Can not find limit switches, something along those lines (The initializing fails and no other axes are tried it just stops and spits out the error) I cant seem to figure out whats causing it. I waved a piece of metal in front of all the induction switches and their LEDs lit up. (both on the board and on the limit switch itself for all 3 axes)

Any ideas?


You probably need to “send configuration” from the Settings menu, with the correct info for your Z axis type ?

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Note that this is a two-step process, see:

I see. Thanks that did the trick. I was a little too eager to get going and missed that step in the manual. Thanks!

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