Jig axis alignment

I apologize if this is a silly question to some.
I am looking to mount a jig with its own spoil board onto the work surface. This way I can quickly add new stock and cut.
I have been ensuring my jig is axis aligned by putting a 2x4 at the front of the Shapeoko and the another against it on hybrid table to ensure X axis alignment, then use blue tape to glue the jig in place.
This is working, but it feels like there should be a better way.

I am considering 3d printing a rail to fit into the groove in aluminum rails to provide a guide in Y direction to ensure axis alignment.

How do you all ensure good axis alignment when mounting a jig or a piece of stock that is the exact measurements needed for a cut?

I am new still and making mistakes and look to learn from you all.

I personally still running a threaded insert table, So keeping alignment on jigs going in and out is pretty easy.

Since you have the hybrid table this may work?

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I have a threaded spoil board with 2inch spacing. When I make a holding jig the hold down holes are slightly bigger than 1/4 inch. So I put the hold down bolts in lightly snugged and jog the bit to touch one corner and jog over and align the jig to the bit. You have to jog back and forth a few times because moving one side can cause the whole jig to move. I tighten down my holding bolts then re jog to check alignment. Tightening can cause the jig to move. I use washers on bolt to minimize movement when tightening.

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