Job hangs, but spindle stays on

Hi All,

So I’ve encountered this a few times now:

  • Job started
  • Seems to mill fine for about 3-5%
  • Progress stops(no advancement in lines, no response from serial connection, nomad 883 pro just stops moving, but spindle is still on)

I’ve seen this happen for a few jobs now. Every time, I’ve needed to power down the unit to regain control.

Unit specs:

  • Nomad 883 Pro (used)
  • Grbl 1.1f
  • Carbide Motion 4.0.408 (Though once it happens, even if I switch to something like UGS to see the Grbl response, I get nothing. It’s like the board is hung)
  • Have re-flashed the board since encountering this problem.
  • Unit homes fine, does tool length measurement fine, etc.

There is no popup or other message from Carbide Motion indicating a fault or error code response from the controller. It just sits there waiting with no advancement in gcode line count.

My gut feeling is that the hang is occurring on the board, since if it the hang was happening on the Carbide Motion side, the control board would respond to UGS’s query for status($) or config settings($$).

Any thoughts?

Not that I would ever walk away from a running job, but having a job quit partway in = wasted stock. :frowning: Would like to be able to resolve the hang issue. ^_^;;; Also, kinda freaky that the controller can hang but the spindle stays on.

My inclination would be to suspect EMI. It’s not usually a problem w/ Nomads, but when the system loses the connection it doesn’t want to talk anymore is my understanding.

We’ve got a section on the wiki: — review it and see what you feel applies to your situation which you are comfortable trying — if that doesn’t help, contact, let us know what you’ve tried and we’ll look into it.

Thanks Will! I’ll run through the items on that link. Yeah, I’m leaning towards making sure everything is isolated. Some googling shows me that others have gone down this path. Will report back with findings/end results.