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I am curious…in job setup the smallest size I can define is .9843 my stock size is .75. I saw and earlier post from Feb that says “does it matter you can’t make a smaller size” and I’m thinking “yes it does” .98 to .75 is effectively a quarter of an inch…that’s a lot of play when you’re talking cnc’ing. I am doing lettering on small .75x10" blocks and would like to ensure my lettering doesn’t get cut off…Am I missing something here?

Referenced Article link: Minimum Stock Size setup? (Job Setup)

Highlighted area should be .75

I understand it’s annoying and hopefully this can get fixed.

At the same time, all this does is create white space in your design area… as long as you don’t use it by putting something there, it doesn’t; REALLY matter. It won’t impact the gcode that will be generated and sent to the machine.

(but again I understand the desire to represent reality)

As a workaround you could just draw a 0.75" tall rectangle in the workspace, for visualising your actual stock size. As @fenrus said the stock size in CC in only a display thing, it does not impact the generated G-code.


That’s a good idea…I’ve just been using the background graph pattern but the box will be helpful. It’s not a huge deal but seems like a wierd thing to stop at .9843 when .75 and .5 is a pretty common measurement. Again…not the end of the world…more curious than anything. Thanks for the reply.

0.9843 is exactly 25mm, so that must have been a decision from a metric-minded developer :wink:


Ahh…that makes sense…Silly metric people!!! And before I unleash the holy wars…I would have gone metric a while ago but I don’t want to pay to switch all my tools…and I really don’t want to run a mixed shop

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I disagree that the material size does not matter. If you use lower left corner and keep your design in the lower .75 it is ok but if you use center or any other origin you must adjust your work area. So if you use center you must adjust your design to center on the work area. If you use lower left and keep your design in the bottom .75 inch of your work area you are ok.

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