Job stops in middle of machining

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I am cutting a sign in mdf. I start the job and it runs about 10% then it just stops. I restart the job and it runs through 15 % then stops. I shut everything down, restart the job and it machines for about 20 - 25 % and then stops. I have restarted the job multiple times and am finally up to 56%. It cuts past the previous % for 5-10% more and then stops. I have been machining wood since September 2018 without any issues. Any help would be appreciated. This 30 minus job is turning into an all day thing. I am using CC and CM on XXL. First of two gcode files. Also including CC file. Chan v2.c2d (272.1 KB)

Chan Cutout (28.5 KB)



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sorry posted wrong code

Chan Pocket (375.0 KB)


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I ran your code through GWizardE and it ran to the end, perhaps you have an intermittent limit switch problem.


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Thanks. I run all my stuff through CAMotics before cutting. Same thing. It finished just fine.


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Have you read this post?

Maybe this applies to you too.

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Thanks. For some reason my settings in CM motion changed to SO instead of SO XXL. I changed it back. Started the job and it stopped again. I checked the settings and it was reset to standard SO. I guess because my work piece was at the back ion my machine when it changed to SO then it hit soft lints and stopped. I uninstalled CM. Reinstalled and the job finished without any problems. Fact stronger than fiction :grinning:

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It’s pretty dry here in a North Texas right now. I just came in from the shop. I didn’t have any disconnects, but as I passed under my pvc vac tube I felt the hair stand up on my head. Ran 4 different programs over the course of 3 hours. I’m still a believer in the idea that using a conditioned power battery backup helps me avoid this, because my wiring is good, but not great.



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