Jog Screen UI Improvements

The UI on the Jog Screen makes an effort to differentiate the on-screen tooling with physical distance between buttons. This could be improved with shape and color differentiation something like the attached mockup so that one can have a more accurate and easy time picking the virtual tooling with peripheral vision while focussed vision is monitoring bit location. Thanks!

A 25 dollar Xbox controller works really well, and doesn’t have to be operated in your peripheral vision.


I prefer keyboard with a number pad for manual entry of numbers, but this is still a good tip.

But for jogging, a gaming controller works. I use a RasPi that is dedicated to running my Pro 4XXL, so it’s all pretty much track ball, touchscreen, and game controller, very little keyboard action.

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I have seen a lot of users (myself included) use a wireless mini keyboard. This gives you the best of both worlds: The freedom of a controller and the input of a keyboard.


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Another option is a gamepad reprogrammed using keyboard shortcuts:

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This sounds nice. How do you control the Z axis? And can you change the increment?

Or are you just remapping?

The D-Pad mapping
Up → -Y
Down → +Y
Left → -X
Right → +X

Left Bumper(s)
L1 → +Z
L2 → -Z

Right Bumper(s)
R1 → increase increment
R2 → decrease increment


Awesome, thank you! :smiley:

I have a wireless Microsoft keyboard that came with a wireless number pad. The number pad works great as a pendant and moves x and y with the arrows/numbers, z with +/-, and you can set rate by clicking numlock then 1-4. You do have to remember to go back and forth with numlock, but I adapted quickly. I carry the number pad right to my machine and use it for positioning prior to probing. I know Julien programmed one to have hot keys for probing too…it would be nice to be able to push one button on the keypad once positioned to initiate a probing cycle so I don’t have to use the mouse too.

Looks good and I appreciate the constant improvements.

Any chance we can get some diagonal directions too? I often find I’m waiting for an X to complete knowing I need to do a Y as well…

I have a Rpi, mini keyboard mouse and Xbox controller
I mapped the joysticks on the Xbox controller to the mouse. one at 1.0 x speed and the other at 1.5 X speed, cool thing is you can move both of them for 2,5 x the speed :slight_smile:
I never use the Mini keyboard as I VNC from my office. when I need to do that stuff
At the machine, it is 90% game controller and 10% wireless mouse

FYI the Rpi can natively remap the buttons.

Look up /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d => 51-joystick.conf
If you are interested
Or I can upload my file :slight_smile:


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