Join Vectors icon not visible

I’ve posted about joining open vectors before:

Is there a way to join two open vectors? - Software / Carbide Create - Carbide 3D Community Site

At the time, @WillAdams said just select and Join, and that worked for what I was trying to do at the time. I didn’t know why it didn’t work for me when I first tried.

Well I am cleaning up a traced vector & have the same / similar issue again. That is, I am trying to join 2 open vectors and cannot join them - the Join Vectors command is simply not visible when I select multiple vectors.

The plume on the helmet is 2 vectors which I am trying to join together.

However, when I select the two vectors the Join Vectors command is not visible. I’ve tried Grouping them but the behaviour is the same.

What am I missing?

One solution was to individually join both vectors and then boolean union them together, and then clean up again after. However, I don’t understand why but the resulting vector had many more nodes that I originally had.

Is the geometry selected able to be closed?

There should only be one open span — post the file?

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Are the ends of the vectors in the same spot? Not sure the tolerance, but they have to be really close.

If they are, can you post the file?

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Aah, I see - no, there are two open spans (one on each vector), so it doesn’t know what to join.

This is the file - I want to join 2 open vectors into a single closed vector, rather than manually re-draw the smaller part node by node.
Newcastle Knights - Plume.c2d (25.5 KB)

If you zoom in, you can see that there is a disconnect:

If you draw in geometry to bridge that:

and select everything:

you can then join vectors as expected:

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Right, so as @Tod1d said they have to be really really close. Got it!

In the response from Will the Plume on the top of the helmet looks a lot like Elvis Presley’s hair. His biography movie is out right now. So is this really about Elvis and not the Knights? I think I saw Elvis yesterday at the grocery store. Not sure but maybe. Jailhouse Rock On!

Well we may see the King at a Knights game - everyone knows he is still with us!

I also thought it looked like Johnny Cash’s hairdo, early in his career.

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