Just Purchased A 3xxl and having set up issues

I’m trying to initialize my machine and in have a problem i keep getting a probe fail message.

After it homes to the back right?
Do you have a BitSetter?
Can you give more details?

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ok that issue has been corrected it was a loose wire on the x axis. now i cant get the machine to internalize i get a probe fail error message.

After it homes?
Do you have a BitSetter?

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no just purshed new to the cnc game .it will home then move forward tell me to instll a bit then home again z moves down makes a noise and give me a probe error

You have the BitSetter option checked. Uncheck it.


bit sitter is unchecked

Restart Motion and try again.

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ok seems to have worked says load job.

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Time for the marker pen and the carbide sample file


where do i find that file

Here you go


Looks like we need Carbide3D instant messaging - actually is there a discord or something?

Edit: Search is an amazing thing - Shapeoko Users Discord

i cant find the file

There’s a link on the page;

Download Shapeoko 3 - Hello World

In that zip file is box_logo.nc which is the file you open in Carbide Motion to draw the logo with the pen.

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that file isnt in my download

should i delete and reinstall hello world

box_logo.nc (35.6 KB)

Here’s the Hello World file extracted from the zip file: download that, save it in a directory of your choosing.

Then follow the tutorial (at https://docs.carbide3d.com/tutorials/hello-world/) step by step to get familiar with loading files in Carbide Motion, setting zeroes, and running a job.

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If you can’t get it from the links here, write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll e-mail you the files.

3 attempts marker bleed thru the paper and got on my table. Is there any thing else i should try? do i need to zero out before every job? I asperate everyone’s help on this site you all are awesome. id like to say Merry Christmas to everyone.