Keeping job zeros?

Hi there -

When I use Carbide motion and set my job zeros, I can turn off the machine unplug my computer and come back two weeks later and they are still there - which is great.


I’ve been experimenting with other sender programs (UGS, SourceRabbit and others) and am using my Triquetra touch plate to set job zeros - which works great.

Except I lose my job zero after my gcode file runs and have to go through the entire process of finding zero again. Is there something that I need to set so my machine will remember my job zeros using other software besides Motion? Maybe a macro that I could send? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

The work origin should stay after the file runs, no matter what sender you use. I use UGS exclusively now, and they always stay with the gcode I run (generated from Fusion360). This isn’t a sender problem, it’s coming from somewhere else.

If you set your zeroes using one of the WCS gcodes, Grbl will save it in non volatile memory on your controller board (in the microcontroller). However, if you use G92 to set your zeroes and/or G43.1 for tool length offset, those are lost when you power down. See

Carbide Motion doesn’t use either, it always translates to machine coordinates. It stores the offset on your PC. Or at least that’s how my version works, I haven’t upgraded to 4 yet.

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Correct. The problem is that the offsets are stored in Work Coordinate Systems — G54 in particular — when using a 3rd party sender they may get overwritten.

I suppose that one could write down the offsets before using a 3rd party tool.

Wish list: add logic to save/load a zeros.xml file.
Heck just make a serializable zeros class and write it to a file, doesn’t even have to be xml. serialize/deserialize easy peasy :slight_smile: