Kevlar Belt purchase

Hi All,

I want to get some Kevlar belts for my XL but I’m struggling to find them online. There’s a dealer in the NL but they charge $25 for the product and $25 for delivery!

Pointers appreciated.



Here you go! They sell with good prices and reasonable shipping too.

Any reason you want Kevlar and not steel (steel cored will be cheaper).

For more info about steel-cored discussed here, check out this thread.


Hrm… I see the same thing here…$25 belt, $25 shipping…

Yup that’s what I see from reprapworld.

Hi Jonathan - No major reason but in reading the forum I got the impression that Kevlar is a bit more flexible so it should last longer. Not that I use my Shapeoko that often!

$25 for the Kevlar didn’t feel like a ton of money, but $50 is!

Have you considered steel belts? Seems to be a popular upgrade - I grabbed this link off another post:

Seems pretty reasonable pricing, and free shipping!

I have no experience with these yet - but I plan to get some.

@Vince.Fab is a pro user and I think he has made the switch.

I think im going on 6 months with steel core and no issues at all. In fact I don’t even do any fine tuning, throw on and go. 10 meters is enough to make multiple sets.


I accidentally broke an inch off my x axis belt when installing it. I think I’ll look into these steel core belts for backup. Lots of good info. Thanks guys :facepunch:

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