Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m trying to alter some keyboard shortcuts. Is there a way of editing some parameters and keyboard shortcuts in Carbide Motion?

No… but but you might be able to use Autohotkey to do what you want?

It is a very useful tool for all sorts of automation macros

I’m trying to use a shut-off switch connected to an Arduino Uno board to send the STOP command to Carbide Motion when the switch is pushed. Is there a keyboard shortcut for the job stop/suspend in Carbide Motion? All what I see is a button for a mouse click. I’m a bit lazy and drowsy from all the medications I’m taking and don’t want to change my Arduino code to mimic the mouse.

the switch works as it should in UGC.

Not customization, but here’s a list of what is available:

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Any way to assign keys to the 9 rapid positions in CM?

or even better, let the user assign 4 custom rapid positions they like and use all the time, to the 7, 8, 9, 0 keys

I would suggest one additional speed setting keyboard shortcuts for CM:
1 0.025mm
2 0.25mm
3 1mm
4 5 or 10mm
5 fast