Keyseat cutter from Harvey Tools on the SO3


Keyseat cutter by Harvey Tool #899840

Does anyone have used such tools on the SO3 and would kindly advise me before I order it? My project necessitates a groove on a vertical wall to insert a lid. Materiel is HDF. Using Fusion 360 for tool path.

Keyseat Cutters - Square - Reduced Shank, Specialty Profiles

Shank: 1/4
Cutter dia : 0,75
RDOC ; 0,240

There is a good video about that (in a general way) on NYC CNC (Fusion 360 Slot CAM Toolpath & Section View! FF40).



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One gotcha is that hitting pause (feed hold) during a cut is a bad move on this type of cutter.


I’ve used them. Using fusion 360 for toolpaths works fine, just beware of your lead-ins and lead-outs to make sure it won’t cut something you don’t want. If you import the tools from the Harvey tool library you can run the simulation and see if anything will crash. Speeds and feeds probably need adjustment from their recommendations based on the reduced machine rigidity, same as any other tools.

EDIT: A screenshot from fusion:

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Here’s the link to the tool libraries for Fusion 360:

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That would have been my first mistake…:slight_smile:
I’ll make sure to do a hard stop if something goes wrong. Thanks.

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Hi Cole,
Thanks. I did download the HT library and will do simulation before the cut. Did you used the same tools and if so, do you have any suggestion about feed and speed?

This one is rated for aluminium and also wood but their sfm and doc data are only for metal. I’ll write them an email to see if they can help.

Thanks again,

I was running this one in aluminum:

My machine is a Shapeoko 3 standard with HDZ. I ran it at 15,000rpm, 48ipm/0.0008ipt, with a 0.016in stepover for the roughing passes and a .005in stepover for the finishing pass.

I had issues with it pushing away from the part, the first one I made was out of spec and didn’t cut the slot deep enough. I ended up forcing it into the cut with my hand guiding the router. Not the greatest solution, but it worked well enough.

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